Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Nicole Guerriero Glow kit by Anastasia Beverly Hills

This glow kit is amazing for deep complexions. This was my very first time purchasing a glow kit from Anastasia Beverly Hills cosmetics , and I have to say that i'm very impressed. I was a little nervous about this purchase. I knew when purchasing this glow kit there were six colors instead of four that are in the previous glow kits. I had a lot of hope that the shades would work out for deeper tones due to Nicole Guerrero having A deeper complexion. So one night while scrolling through Instagram I saw the advertisement for this glow kit from Sephora's Instagram page and I immediately got excited! So the next day I ran to the store and to my surprise the Glow kit was not available. I complained to several stores associates and even a supervisor stating that Instagram's post didn't have an available date so I assumed  that it was in store. They apologized  profusely and said the kit wouldn't  be available for another week but it may be available online. Now since this is my first time purchasing a glow kit I was a little nervous about ordering ordering online because I didn't want the powders to break and I knew that this was going to be a product that was going to be in high demand. So I crossed my fingers and ordered the glow kit and it came two days later, as soon as I swatched  the colors on my arm I fell in love. The color pay off is so outstanding not too glittery, and has a very buttery consistency! Glides on the skin wonderfully. I give this kit five stars and it's my first and my favorite! So far my favorite shades are daydream and glo getter. This product was worth the $40. If you haven't purchased this product, I know Sephora is having a VIB appreciation sale very soon. I recommend this product for anyone who has tan and brown skin. Approved by T.Marie💜

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