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Affordable DIY Make up station in a small space

Affordable DIY makeup station in a small space  I love wearing make up. But sometimes I may not use my make up if it's not right in front of me. Right now me and my husband  share a small bathroom  and there's not much room for me to have a full make up beauty room set up.  So I searched high and low on Pinterest and Instagram to get inspired to make a small space for my makeup  station.  The items that I use are affordable and can be found at Walmart and Home Goods!  This was a very interesting and fun project. I hope  you can take away a few tips on how I used the items that I purchased to make a DIY make up station for my bedroom. Things I needed 1.White utility laundry cart from Walmart 2. Makeup organizer from Homegoods 3.Rose gold baskets large and small from Walmart 4. All of your favorite makeup and skincare products Let's organize!!!! I absolutely love this mini makeup setup  Small rose gold baskets for organizing those smaller items like s